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EARLY (Ends Aug 16): Spouse/Significant Other of Attendee FREE!

REGULAR (Aug 17-Onsite): Spouse Program Registration $150



Spouse/Significant Other/Family Member of Attendee

Individuals that are employees of companies in the power industry and/or members of EGSA are NOT ELIGIBLE to register as a Spouse/Significant Other. If you register at the wrong category, we will update your registration type and will be invoiced for the difference in registration fees.  

Already Registered?

If you already registered yourself for Fall 2024, please use the following instructions to login and add your Spouse/Significant Other.

  1. Access the Platform: Log in to your MyEGSA account.

  2. Navigate to Registration: Once logged in, look for and select the 'Register for an Event' option in the left-hand menu.

  3. Select the Event: In the events list, find and choose 'Fall 2024 Conference Bellevue'. Even though you're already registered, click on "Register".

  4. View Registration Details: After selecting registration for yourself, you'll see a confirmation message letting you know you are already registered. Click on the 'Details' button to view your registration.

  5. Add Extras: In the 'Order Details' section (top-right corner), there's an 'Add Guest/Session' button. Click this to include your Spouse/Significant Other. This is also where you can add additional networking activities!

  6. Finalize: Review your guest registration/additional activities and proceed to checkout.

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